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Yugioh portrait

FeeJPY60 (Tax Included) Completed Date06.Apr.2013 Term20日 Job CategoryCharacter
Required Data digital image of quality that can be printed at 20x30 cm size
Usage of
the Character
gift to 11 year old boy
Copyright Terms Transfer copyright to the Client
Project Detail My son is a big fan of Naruto and Yugioh, and I'd like to give him an original manga style picture of himself for his 11th birthday. The idea is to create a dualist character like Yugi of Yugi'oh or a Naruto character that resembles my son (I will provide a photo).
Message to
the Creator

I think Yusei Fudo is his favorite character. It would be good if he can be his own character, based on Yusei (Yusei's hair is good, and similar style clothes). I like the background in the 1st image you sent (with the three characters).
Size: 20x30cm is good
His name in Japanese in one corner would be wonderful! An artist's signature would be good as well.

My son plays the card game a lot, so if his character is holding a deck or playing a card, that is even better. A pose like this is nice. (Again though, i don't want him to be exactly Yusei, just similar).

Thank you!