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Nekozilla Logo & Character

FeeJPY15,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date11.Aug.2013 Term17日 Job CategoryLogo Design
Required Data 900x600 PDF or PNG
Anime fans and Gamers - men/women age 13-30
Product/Service Anime, trading card games, and tabletop games
Copyright Terms Transfer copyright to the Client(The Artist will NOT exercise her/his moral rights)
Project Detail I would like a logo for our Anime & Gaming store. We would like the logo to contain our name NekoZilla, with Anime & Gaming below. E.G -


Also looking for a mascot in the logo - a tsundere cat girl with one fang. Our colors are dark green, light green, and white.
Message to
the Creator
We love the character you came up with, however we would like Nekozilla as one word. Also we would like the O as a D20 dice. Can you give her a more tsundere look on her face? Also we were thinking on having her dressed like a fantasy character, a warrior or a mage. Thank you very much!