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RPG Character

FeeJPY6,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date25.Oct.2013 Term34日 Job CategoryIllustration
Required Data PSD File / PNG / Transparent BG
Usage of
the Illustration
Magic Meisters Game Design
Copyright Terms Copyright belongs to the artist and the Client is permitted to use the Deliverables
Use-by date:not specified
Use for:not specified
Project Detail Magic Meisters is an RPG project. We are looking for several illustrations that are very similiar to the style that you have presented.
(( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/quickfixinc/magic-meisters-an-open-world-co-op-multiplayer-rpg ))

Only one class in our game ( Mage / Meister ) but uses different elements.


We need 1 illustration of each of those classes using magic with a cool unique outfit. Size of each image should preferably be good for video resolution.

We are also looking for :
10 Unique outfit designs, 2 for each Element type
Total - 5 Chibi Mage Images

If this works out well, we will have lot more work for you ( We're looking to get 50 outfits done ) , also creatures, items, etc.
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the Creator
I'm sure we can work something out , smaller budget in the first batch for confidence and then grow together with more !